Sheradown Pillow

Sheradown pillows are Europe’s fastest growing synthetic pillows. The filler comprises of a mixture of ultra thin down-like polyester flakes & virgin polyester fibre clusters.

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Sheraton Sheradown Pillow • Standard 45 x 70cm • 100% Cotton Down-proof casing • Medium Support Pillow

The Sheraton Sheradown pillow is a very popular choice within the hospitality industry, and chances are if you have stayed at a 5-star hotel – you’ve probably slept on one yourself. This pillow offers medium support (in between a firm and soft pillow), so it’s a great all-rounder and is suitable for people who sleep on their sides, backs and stomachs.

Size Chart
– Standard 45 x 70cm


Additional information


60 x 90, Standard 45 x 70cm


– Patented Sheradown filling
– Alternative synthetic filler to natural feather and down
– 100% cotton down-proof casing
– Medium support

– Polyester flakes prevents filling from separating and clumping
– Non-allergic

The combined softness of pure down-feel Sheradown with the body of synthetic fillers offers unparalleled comfort and support. Sheradown can truly be classed as the best non-allergenic alternative to goose down, with added support. The Sheradown pillow is housed in a 230 thread count, 100% cotton percale down-proof casing.

To prolong the life of your pillow and protect it from wear & tear and stains, we recommend that you purchase a pillow protector along with your new pillow.


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